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Eight Projects a Building Maintenance and Management Team Can Assist You With

  • Posted By: Natalie Akins
  • Posted on: 2023-01-28
Eight Projects a Building Maintenance and Management Team Can Assist You With

There's nothing like a good team to ensure that no project goes poorly. From helping you make your property as energy efficient as possible to get your plumbing into working condition, the maintenance and management team for your property can do it all.



What projects should you seek their help on, and what can they do for you? These are the top eight things to keep in mind!

1. Keep All Equipment Up to Date

If the equipment on your property isn't well maintained, it can go wrong and break or simply stop working. This can be stressful, and somehow, this always seems to happen the moment your hands are full with something else.


Instead of letting the machinery or appliances surprise you by demanding maintenance, call a worker ahead of time to get this solved proactively.

2. Updating Your Landscaping


Keeping your property attractive keeps up the value and ensures you don't have to stress about losing money on curb appeal. Unfortunately, if you haven't created an outdoor seating area, all of this beauty can go to waste or be simply unseen.


Working with your maintenance and management team, you can addground pavers, which will create a flat and comfortable surface, which is awesome for outdoor furniture and leveling the land out.

3. Check the HVAC Systems

Your HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air-condition) system should be checked at least once a year, with your filters getting swapped every one to three months or as often as they fill with dust and debris. If you don't know what you're doing when messing with this type of machine, you could accidentally damage it, which will cost you a lot to fix.


Instead, talk to building maintenance and ask if they'll take a look at the system. They'll usually do a small cleaning, look at how well it's running, and go over what future maintenance might be needed on it.

4. Working on Electrical Projects


If you've never worked on an electrical project before, you might lull yourself into a false sense of security, thinking you'll be able to DIY it without issues. Unfortunately, uninformed DIY leads to countless injuries and deaths every year, especially when it comes to using electricity to update these portions of the property.


Instead of risking your life over adding aradiant floor heating thermostat, talk to your building maintenance and management team and figure out how they can help you. Not only can their expertise protect you, but it should also let the project get completed sooner!

5. Keep Plumbing Working Smoothly

Your plumbing is another part of your property that you don't notice until the moment it stops working perfectly. Risking your property by allowing your system to go unchecked can be a big mistake, getting worse the longer it goes on.


If you have a faucet that drips or a toilet that never flushes right, have a maintenance employee help you with it. This should save you preemptively from a bigger problem.

6. Repairing Cement and Pavement

Although most homeowners don't see a huge problem with large cracks and lines in cement or concrete, any good property maintenance worker will tell you that it needs to be repaired as soon as possible. Small cracks will fill with water, and when the temperatures drop, and the water expands, the gap will burst open wider until it eventually breaks the sidewalk in half. This can be a huge issue and expensive to fix.


Talk to a building maintenance and management worker who focuses on these types of projects and seek out their help. They may walk you through applying asidewalk sealer and show you how to stop this from happening again in the future.

7. Help You Become More Energy Efficient


Energy efficiency is a hot topic that more people are heading towards. Not only because it's good for the planet but also because it's far more cost-effective in the current year. Nobody wants to have to pay hundreds a month for electricity or water.


With energy efficiency, it's important to stop and talk to a maintenance team member who knows what they're doing. This worker can check for air leaks to stop any temperature fluctuations and give you tips on how to keep the temperature where you like it without running the HVAC system constantly.

8. Inspire Projects for Security

Security is a big deal, especially if your property is in a city. Good maintenance workers will help you set up a security system that works and will protect your space. This could mean setting up cameras, adding motion sensors, or even adding exterior lighting to your property.

Building Maintenance Teams are Incredible

From helping you keep your HVAC team in order to watch them kick your landscaping into shape, there's nothing that can stop a good building maintenance team. Consider enlisting their help for some of these projects soon.


Natalie Akins is a freelance writer who currently resides in Austin, Texas. She has over 20 years of experience in the Interior Design and restoration field. Natalie has worked on many projects including commercial office design and residential spaces. When not writing she enjoys spending time with her family and helping her friends renovate their homes.