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Fan Coil Unit Maintenance & Services

FCU Services


ARC Facilities offers a comprehensive range of services for fan coil unit servicing & Maintenence in London. From regular inspections and filter cleaning to repairs and compliance adherence, we prioritize the smooth operation of HVAC systems, promoting comfort, energy efficiency, and indoor air quality.


A Fan Coil Unit (FCU) is an integral component of HVAC system commonly found in commercial and industrial buildings. It serves the purpose of regulating the temperature in a specific space or multiple areas within a building. 


The coil is responsible for exchanging heat with the air passing through it, either by heating or cooling the air depending on the desired temperature. The fan, on the other hand, helps circulate the air through the coil, ensuring efficient heat transfer and maintaining consistent airflow.


Fan Coil Servicing & Maintenance


fan coil unit maintenanceARC Facilities provides comprehensive maintenance services for fan coil units. This includes cleaning fan coil unit, regular servicing, inspections,  troubleshooting and fan coil unit repairs to ensure optimal performance.


FCU Filter Cleaning

Clean filters are essential to Fan Coil Unit maintenance for proper airflow and indoor air quality. We ensure that fan coil unit filters are regularly cleaned or replaced, preventing blockages and maintaining optimal air circulation.


Fan Coil Unit Repairs

In addition to maintenance, ARC Facilities offers repair services for fan coil units. Our technicians are skilled in diagnosing and fixing issues that may arise, such as motor problems, leaks, or faulty components. Through our Fan Coil Unit maintenance and services, we ensure that fan coil units operate at their best capacity. This includes FCU filter cleaning, checking and adjusting settings, calibrating thermostats, and verifying the proper functioning of controls.


Meeting Compliance Requirements

ARC Facilities understands the importance of compliance with regulatory standards. We ensure that fan coil units meet the necessary safety and performance requirements, helping businesses adhere to legal obligations. We ensure that our FCU maintenance is inclusive of regulatory factors such as noise reductions, static pressure balancing and that the conditioned space is effectively utilized. 



The Importance of a Well-Functioning Fan Coil Unit


 fan coil maintenanceFCU maintenance is crucial for the proper functioning of the entire ventilation system. While they are relatively simple devices, neglecting maintenance can lead to various issues. These issues may include increased noise levels, decreased airflow due to clogged filters, compromised heat transfer, unbalanced static pressure, inadequate ventilation, and poor indoor air quality.


To avoid such problems, it is recommended to service fan coil units connected to central heating systems and AHUs at least every six months. This regular maintenance which includes FCU filter cleaning, which ensures that filters are clean, airflows are optimized, and the unit operates at its best capacity. By proactively maintaining fan coil units, building occupants can enjoy a comfortable and healthy indoor environment.


ARC Facilities is a service provider in London and its surrounding areas that specializes in fan coil unit (FCU maintenance) maintenance and repairs. Our services cater to business managers who prioritize the smooth operation of their HVAC systems. ARC Facilities not only offers maintenance services but also ensures compliance with regulatory requirements, ensuring that fan coil units meet the necessary standards for safety and performance.


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