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Building Maintenance & Repairs Services

Building Maintenance & Repairs Services

Maintaining a building environment can be complex, with many necessities for building services repair and maintenance, which can be a big distraction for business owners .

ARC Facilities offers building maintenance and repairs services, with innovation and proficiency. We are committed to best-in-class delivery of reactive and preventative maintenance of the building environment. We focus on skilled resources to fulfil individual customer requirements by engaging competent professionals which saves our clients from avoidable distractions. 


We offer mechanical, electrical and fabric maintenance of  building fabrics, systems and equipments and also provide compliance services at affordable rates.  Our building repair and maintenance services also covers carpentry, painting and decoration, plaster boarding, tiling, small fits and repairs of furniture and equipment. We carry out building tests, create audits and assist with building compliance certifications at affordable cost. We do the worries and ensure that businesses stay on top of their games.


We offer a one-stop building repairs solutions, saving businesses time by providing building repairs and maintenance needs in mechanical, electrical, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning requirements. We help businesses focus on their core expertise through the provision of skilled resources, reduced operating costs, enhanced delivery of small, medium and large projects. 


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