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How This Workplace Covid-19 Risk Assessment Platform Works

  • Posted By: Francis Akinola
  • Posted on: 2020-07-10
How This Workplace Covid-19 Risk Assessment Platform Works

You can utilize this easy to use the platform to generate a professional Risk assessment document by following the following steps: 


  • Sign up
  • To access the benefits of a detailed Covid-19 risk assessment there is a short and easy signup option.


  • Log in to Covid19 Risk Assessment Platform
  • Upon signing up you will receive an activation link in your email to get going. You might need to check your junk mail or spam box if you cannot get this link in your Inbox.


  • Input your Company Name and Select your Industry
  • You will be directed to a landing page where you will need to select your industry and put your company name (In the case of individual or households’ assessments, you may put your name or your address)


  • Navigate Checklists of Possible COVID-19 Hazards
  • Carefully follow through with the suggested hazard checklists which lead you through a professional process of Risk Assessment by recording the likelihood of hazard and the impact such hazard would cause. (Check on the N/A button if the area or suggested hazard is not applicable to you)


  • Click on Submit Button
  • Upon completion of assessment click on the Submit button. This gives you a chance to review your findings and carefully take note of the suggested controls


  • Download Professionally Generated COVID-19 PDF Risk Assessment
  • Scroll down the platform to download a PDF report of your assessment with the name and address of your company, for your record and as professional proof of conducting a detailed assessment.


  • Review Risk Assessment as Appropriate
  • Each time the control is put in place, the Risk assessment can be conducted over and new documents generated as often as needed.