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  • Posted By: Lily Brooks
  • Posted on: 2021-03-01

The coronavirus has impacted every facet of society. From commerce to the hospitality industry, each country is either getting stricter or more lenient with their COVID-19 restrictions. Traveling from one place to another, for instance, has become a daily safety risk rather than something enjoyable.


People who drive their cars from one place to another might think they’re off the hook when it comes to contracting the virus. Unfortunately, it’s still a risky move. The moment you get out of your car or arrive home from work or the grocery store, you’re putting yourself and others at home at risk if you’re not practicing safety precautions. And that includes disinfecting your car every time you use it.


And we don’t mean just spraying alcohol on the car’s leather seats. We mean rigorously disinfecting it with proper techniques, using the right disinfectants. Here are ways on how to keep yourself safe by disinfecting your car properly during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Wear the proper PPE


Before getting down to business in disinfecting your car, ensure that you wear proper PPE. Grab some disposable gloves first. If you have reusable ones, ensure that you put them straight in a separate hamper after using. Then wear a washable or disposable apron as well.


Next is to wear a mask. However, make sure that you know how to properly wear a mask. The mask should cover both your nose and mouth. Finally, prepare a separate trash bin labeled as “Biohazard materials.” This is where you’ll dispose your PPE and other disposable materials that have been used for disinfecting your car.


Clean it first before disinfecting


Remember that every object or surface can possibly have the virus. And once you touch these surfaces, you’re exposing yourself to danger. Whether you haven’t used your car in months or just had a heavy towing service tow your car, cleaning and disinfecting it during this time is recommended.


First, clean it with a good soap and water. Use either a damp disposable or reusable cloth to wipe all the parts in the car. Next, use another dry cloth to wipe it after.


After cleaning it thoroughly, disinfect by using alcohol-based wipes. Better yet, grab an alcohol that has at least 70 percent solution and spray it onto every part of the car. Then wipe with a new and clean cloth.


Ensure to clean highly-touched parts


Your car has many surfaces that you and other passengers touch. For one, the wheel is one of the most difficult parts to clean due to the cracks where the virus could be hiding. On top of the wheels, here are the touchpoints you should disinfect:


  • Internal and external door handles
  • Window controls
  • Radio buttons
  • Compartment latch
  • Seatbelts
  • Cup holders
  • Air-conditioning controls and grills
  • Baggage and hood latches
  • Seats
  • Floor
  • Keys


Don’t damage your car


No matter what you do. Always remember not to use chemicals that can potentially damage the vinyl, plastic, and other materials in your car. Avoid ammonia-based cleaning products. Finally, never use hydrogen peroxide or bleach when disinfecting your car.


Wash your hands


The last and final step of properly disinfecting your car is to wash your hands after. Wash it thoroughly with soap and water for 20 seconds. Moreover, also let your passengers wash their hands.