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Our Climate Responsibility

  • Posted By: Francis Akinola
  • Posted on: 2024-01-19
Our Climate Responsibility


The earth is our only home and it important to our survival, but over the years, mankind has overindulged in its resources. We have a duty of care to our planet, and this duty of care begins by taking up responsibility of correcting the climate anormaly , from the comfort of our home


Reason Behind Global Warming


Greenhouse gases have the benevolent effect of keeping the earth warm, but too much of these gases create blankets causing longwave radiation from the sun, which should have been reflected back into space, to get absorbed, and thus heating up the earth the more.  


Earth’s heating has caused the global annual temperature to increase above 0.8°C from the start of the industrial revolution in the mid nineteen century, causing astronomical rise in the percentage constituent of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, and giving rise to climate changes, pollution, changing temperature and precipitation patterns, increase in ocean temperatures, sea level, and acidity; melting of glaciers and sea ice; changes in the frequency, intensity and duration of extreme weather events and shifts in ecosystem characteristics.


Recorded evidence from fundamental understanding of how gases trap heat shows human behaviours are a gross contributory factor to rise in global temperatures, and research findings show that carbon dioxide, caused mainly from burning fossil fuel, accounts for 80% of the result of anthropogenic effect of climate change.


Our Personal Obligation


 So, in the fight against global warming and the reduction of our carbon footprints, a change in attitude, through the practice of sustainable living, can reverse any drastic effect of greenhouse gases on the climate and reverse the current trend of global warming.


To mitigate the harmful effect of climate change, to save cost and to promote personal wellbeing, it is important to engage in individual climate responsibility by practicing sustainable living. 


What is Sustainable Living ? 


Sustainable living is about adopting smart and effective actions towards utilizing energy efficiently in our homes . This is necessary because  over 28 percent of of greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere comes from households, and our individual actions , staring from the manner of our energy utilization in homes, will constitute a major factor of correcting the climate anormaly. 


Through the practices of sustainable living, we reduce our carbon footprint, preserve the ecosystem, improve individual health and promote community wellbeing.


Sustainable living corrects our domestic greenhouse gas emissions and reduces oour carbon footprint, starting from our household, and these practices is inclusive of living harmony with nature, using resources wisely, and leaving a positive legacy for future generations.


Examples of ways in which we can practising sustainable living by an efficient and effective utilisation of energy includes insulation and sealing our homes, utilising renewable energy, adopting efficient waste management and reducing energy consumption in homes.


Our Climate Responsibility


We must individually attempt to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their need. Our choices today must ensure a better tomorrow, and Sustainable living is about making choices today that ensure a better tomorrow. By caring for the planet, starting from our homes, we thrive. If we do not care , we store up the burden of a future chaos. So it's necessary to care.