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Simple Ventilation Advice to Guard your Household Against Coronavirus

  • Posted By: Francis Akinola
  • Posted on: 2020-09-12
Simple Ventilation Advice to Guard your Household Against Coronavirus


There is ample reason to believe, through supported data that the second coronavirus wave is on, but the great news is that this time with the knowledge that has been acquired during the primary wave, we can limit the spread of this virus by following through with simple steps like good hygiene, good housekeeping, social distancing and the use of facemasks.


However, it has been shown that the majority of infections are contracted in households, this is often mostly due to the surrounding volume and quality of the airflow, especially within those spaces where it is difficult to maintain a low occupational density.


Below is simple ventilation guidance that can protect us from Covid-19 within our homes: 


  • Fans, or any effective unit which assists in the circulation of air in homes, should be operated constantly. This reduces the risk of stagnant air which aids viruses to thrive.


  • consider leaving windows opened. This will increase airflow and secure ventilation of spaces with outdoor air. This practice will reduce any risk of viral infection.


  • Consider keeping room ventilation units on 24/7. You may lower ventilation rates when people are absent but do not shut ventilation units nor block access to outdoor ventilation.


  • Exhaust ventilation systems of toilets should be left on 24/7. If there is an exhaust fan in the toilets, avoid opening windows in order to assure that the proper direction of ventilation is maintained.


  • Where air-conditioning units are installed, they ought to be kept on for extended periods, with lower ventilation rates when people are absent, but not switched off.


  • Think about using Air Cleaners with HEPA filter efficiency. They are effective at removing up to 99.9% of viruses and bacteria from an area of up to 10 square meters.


  • Instruct building user to flush toilets with closed lid. Coronavirus can be contacted from feces.


Finally, this easy tool can create a knowledgeable comprehensive assessment of the controls needed to stop the danger of coronavirus within households.