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Plant Room Cleaning and Technical Services

At ARC Facilities, we pride ourselves on being flexible, motivated and supportive in ensuring that we provide cleaning services which combine technical and professional experience with the tidying, cleaning and clearing of Energy Centers and Plant Rooms with a goal of improving performance and reducing energy wastage in London.


We provide basic plant room cleaning and floor washing, equipment cleaning, painting, signing of plant rooms and Labelling of equipment.


ARC Facilities offers organizations the capability to manage, maintain and optimize the technical end of their sites through the provision of bespoke and comprehensive cleaning service of their Plant Rooms and Energy Centers within London. 


Our cleaning experience is combined with technical capabilities enabling us to offer free practical advice on plant maintenance, system optimization, cost reduction, energy efficiency and sustainability. Our services and maintenance packages are tailored to your needs. Using comprehensive information obtained from site visits and consultations, we have built a tailored package that is right for you.  


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