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Refrigeration, Air-conditioning & Air Source Heat Pump Training

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ARC Facilities provides specialized apprenticeship training to key employers in the refrigeration, air conditioning, and heat pump system industry.


Our refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump training programs are designed for individuals entering the industry who seek to develop the skills and knowledge necessary for working with basic and complex refrigeration systems. This includes training in routine maintenance, reactive maintenance, commissioning, and decommissioning of refrigeration systems in various working environments.


We offer comprehensive learning resources for refrigeration, air conditioning, and heat pump training systems. These resources provide flexibility, supporting apprentices in their learning journey, building their confidence, and ensuring competence when facing challenging tasks.RA Training


Why Heat Pump Training?


In recent years, electric fuel has emerged as the preferred choice for heating, cooling, and domestic hot water in buildings. The UK Climate Change Committee (CCC) has recommended phasing out natural gas heating in commercial buildings by 2033, with public buildings aiming for a deadline of 2030.


According to the CCC, by 2030, 37% of public and commercial heat demand should be met by low carbon sources. Heat pumps are expected to meet two-thirds of this demand, with the remaining one-third being met by heat networks.


To achieve this, higher efficiency standards for homes and a significant increase in heat pump installations, reaching 600,000 per year by 2028, are proposed. Additionally, the overall vision is to phase out high-carbon heating options in buildings and transition to electric alternatives, aligning with the goal of achieving zero-carbon electricity production in the UK by 2035.


The CCC estimates that there is a pressing need to support the heat pump sector's growth, aiming to increase installations from 27,000 units in 2019 to one million units per year by 2030.


Heat pump training  Air source heat pumps are a key   technology in this transition. They   efficiently absorb heat from the outside   air,  which can then be utilized to heat   radiators, under-floor heating systems,   warm air convectors, and provide hot   water in buildings. These pumps can   extract heat from the air even at low   temperatures as low as -15°C, operating   similarly to how a fridge extracts heat   from  its interior.


By providing specialized refrigeration, air conditioning, and heat pump training, ARC Facilities equips apprentices with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in the industry. Our training programs align with the increasing demand for low-carbon and electric alternatives, supporting the transition towards a more sustainable and efficient future in heating and cooling systems.


We support key employers in the refrigeration, air-conditioning, and air source heat pump system industry with specific apprenticeship training for new entrants to the refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump industry who wish to be trained in the skills and knowledge associated with basic and complex refrigeration systems which includes the routine maintenance, reactive maintenance and commissioning and de-commissioning of refrigeration systems in a variety of working environments.


Our learning resources for Refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pump systems gives the flexibility which support apprentices in this field to learn, build confidence and ensure competence in approaching difficult tasks.


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